Specialized Equipment

The Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection Centers are specialized in testing the components of the vehicles to ensure each one of them complies with the least standards set by the Ministry of Transport prior to the issue of a certificate.

The motor vehicle roadworthiness test takes place according to the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Transport and contains a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle to ensure it is in a normal state for road use. Every roadworthiness inspection technician is in charge of conducting all necessary roadworthiness tests such as : gas emissions, fuel system, braking system etc.

This is the reason in AUTODRIVER stores, we chose the top of their kind to conduct the most reliable test.

In an analysis, our machinery is of German technology, “Maha” company, which is the best solution for the maximum safety in inspection of high tech vehicles and assembly workshops. ‘Maha’ products comply with the highest quality standards, represent reliability and have a long lasting life satisfying thus the most demanding of this kind.

Along with “BOPEN”, the leader in the sector of Roadworthiness tests with the Jplaton platform, insured for us a modern environment in application development certified by 2700:2013 (design, development, application of sales and technical support of business hardware applications).

Last, AUTODRIVERSTORES, having as a Quality Guide, the excellent Counseling Service,  adapted to and are consistent with the most popular standards for the insurance of quality in our services provided already functioning with ISO certification.






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of your car from and to your place. One of our representatives will call you to confirm the date and time of collection and delivery.

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